Flatbed Dimensions

(click on pictures for embiggend versions)

Front view

Front of Camper

Side view

Side View

Front Measurements

Front MeasurmentsNote – vertical measurements are made referencing the bottom of the camper (not the ground)

Side measurements


The 4 tie down points (2 on the left side, 2 on the right) are 10.5 inches and 86 inches from the front. The D rings for the tie downs should be located as close to the outside (left/right) edge as possible – on the outside edge would be fine. The front ones should be 96″ from the rear of the bed, the rear ones, as close to the rear as possible.

The length of the basement (the area of the camper that sits on the bed of the truck) before the rear dropdown is 101 inches. Normally, when the camper is sitting on an 8′ pickup bed, the end of the bed is located 96″ from the front.

The camper drops down by 10″ after the 101″ measurement

the center of gravity on this camper is 39″ from the front. That point must be located in front of the rear axle of the truck.

The umbilical needs to be connected to a 7 pin trailer plug. If we can locate one on the front of the bed, that would be a good feature.

The tire size is 225/70R/19.5. If we can fit the spare between the cab of the truck and the front of the camper (under the cabover area of the camper) that would be great.

Some more pictures

Rear Left Closeup Bottom

This is a closeup of the left side where the camper hangs down off the end of the bed. The end of the bed would be about 5″ from center of the picture

Truck Rails2019 Dodge crew cab 4500 – cab and chasis – 90″ ca. Note the dual fuel tanks

Front right tie downCloseup of the front right tie down

Rear right tiedownCloseup of rear right tie down.

Right sideRight side. Note in this picture and the above one, there is a propane line that runs along the side


Sunsets and a Truck Camper

This past weekend we tested out our newest rig at a brand new campground in Alabama.  We highly recommend all of our fellow campers visit Franks Point of View in Ashland, Alabama.  Set in Alabama’s Talladega National Forest, you will experience the most magnificent views and sunsets in the southeast!  The folks who run the campground are super friendly, including the family dog, Nellie.  Trooper, Mattie and Nellie had a great time playing together and chasing balls.  We will definitely be back to visit as this gem of a location is only 70 miles from home. 

Field of Dreams

The field by our property is beautiful this time of year.  Mattie takes a break from bird hunting to pose for a photograph.  Trooper has other plans today!


Vacuuming Days

When the vacuum cleaner comes out, Mattie and Trooper tend to stay clear.  The living room dog beds are stacked and moved for easier cleaning.  Lately, both critters have taken a liking to the extra plushness of this three tiered dog bed.  The bear with Mattie is not a staged picture!  Believe it or not, she sandwiched herself in-between the beds and propped up Mr. Bear herself!

Merry Christmas!

Mattie and Trooper were cooperative in our efforts to take a Christmas photo this year.  Mattie was especially cooperative and willing to pose through experimental sessions with the Christmas lights.  While these pictures didn’t make our official 2019 Christmas Card, we still love them!


Cool Toy!

Our dear friend Jane recently gifted Mattie the greatest toy ever!  It is called Hide a Squirrel by Outward Hound.  It gives a dog the fun task of pulling all of the six squeaky squirrels out from the plush log.  Upon receiving the gift, Mattie read the tag of the toy and decided the purpose of this toy is literally to hide the squirrels.  If the front door is left open, she will sneak the squirrels outside to bury them. On the very first day of play, three of the six squirrels disappeared.  Bobbi found Mattie moving one dirty squirrel she’d dug back up.  The next missing squirrel was found by Bobbi when she sifted through a fresh mound of dirt in the woods.  To this day, one squirrel is still missing.  Mattie is kind and shares her toy with Trooper.   After dinner every night, he will go bark at the squirrel log which is kept on the shelf.  He generally ends up bringing the squirrels to us to throw in place of his usual ball. 

New Dog Park in Newnan!

Sprayberry Road Dog Park is open for business!  We checked out our new park and it is beautiful! There’s lots of green grass to run on and doggy friends to play with.  There are two areas – one for small dogs and another for large dogs.  This park is sure to bring great times for dogs and their people for many years to come!



While in Birmingham, we discovered a wonderful dog park in the city of Alabaster.   This dog park was the 2nd Beneful Dream Park created in the nation.  The Beneful company held a contest to submit your idea for a dream dog park.  Jenny Wilson, of Alabaster, entered the contest and won the $500,000 park for the city!  The park has artificial turf, splash pad, tunnels, hoops, and a miniature football field.  Trooper and Mattie had a blast during our visit.   The coolest part was meeting all the different dogs and owners.  One gentleman was excited to see two brittanys arrive for a morning of play with his own brittanys.  We can’t wait to return! Be sure to scroll down and watch the video of Trooper.

Alabama Adventures

Over the past few months, Bobbi and the fur kids have been able to tag along on several business trips to the great state of Alabama.  While Charlie is off at work, the rest of us check out the local dog parks or enjoy the scenery of the campground.  In Scottsboro, we camp on beautiful Lake Guntersville.  There is no need to find a dog park as the campsite is our playground.  Here are a few snapshots from our recent visit.

Beach, Critters, Summer Adventure!

Travels took us to Florida this summer.  This trip included many “firsts” for our family.  We experienced our first Airbnb stay in a cottage on a farm outside of St. Augustine.  On the farm we encountered many critters, the first of which was a guinea hen Mattie spotted the moment she jumped from the car.  Turkeys, rabbits, birds, and ducks made this a spectacular sensory experience for Trooper and Mattie.  The most fun we had was on the first morning when the dogs were ready for their walk at 5:30.  Greeting us in the dark, as we exited the screened in porch, was one of the free-roaming donkeys on the farm.  Other adventures on this trip included a visit to the Fountain of Youth, strolling shops, a visit to the Spanish Military Muesum, a trip to the beach, and many dining experiences.  St. Augustine is the most dog friendly town we’ve ever visited.  Bringfido.com is a wonderful site for researching dog-friendly places in any city you wish to visit.  Please check out some of the most memorable photos from our trip.  Click on each thumbnail photo to see the entire photograph.